New: Version 5.0 of WAPPS is now released

This version includes a completely new function aiming at validating individual PK profiles.

For information on how to use this feature please see the Tutorial entitled "New! Validation Point Instructions." in the FAQ section.

The YouTube video links below will provide step by step instructions on using the Validation Point feature.

        Introduction to Validation Points

        Inputting a Validation Point

        Interpreting the Validation Results

Our aim is to have as many validation points as you can provide (even retrospective data will be valuable). The goal is to reach 500 validation points as quickly as possible so we can calculate how many times the prediction is concordant/discordant in a statistical and clinically relevant way. We plan to submit these results as a scientific paper.

Everyone contributing at least 1 validation point will be added to the contributor list. The 10 WAPPS users who provide the largest number of points will be invited to co-author the validation paper.

Please let us know if you have any feedback by sending an email to

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