Under the “My Centre” tab choose Manage Factor Concentrates

Active Factors are listed by default. To view inactive drugs, click on the Deactivated Factor Concentrates tab.

Click on Add New Factor Concentrates to add a new drug

From the dropdown menu, choose the drug you want to activate and click on Add Factor Concentrate Specifics to set the default lab measurement for the new concentrate. In most cases, this will be “One Stage Coag (PTT Based)” and “Generic”, which are proposed as defaults for new drugs. You can change the test when inputting an infusion.

For Coagulation Test you can choose

One stage

Two stage


For Calibrator, you can choose between Generic and Drug Specific.

If you do not see the drug you are looking for in the drop down list, type it in the Request a new factor concentrate input box and we will add it for you.



If you deactivated a drug, you can reactivate it again by clicking the Check Mark.



Once reactivated, if you wanted to change Default Assay Type or Calibrator you can do so by clicking on the Edit button.