Click on Add Measurement button





Fill in the required data


If this was a Pre-dose, complete as below and Save.

Note: For a measurement of <1.00 click the < and enter 0.01.



Measurement will appear and you can continue to add more measurements


For example: 4 hours post infusion, 24 hours post infusion then 48 hours post infusion








4 hours post infusion

When entering the Plasma Factor Concentration, enter the value then click on = button



Measurements for Pre-dose, 4 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours are shown below as an example.

If you made an error, you can use the edit button to adjust your values or you can delete the measurement with the X.


Please note that you have to input the measurements as IU/mL, but the system translates them for you into approximate % (e.g. <0.01 = <1%; or 0.18 = 18%)